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Luxury Chandeliers For Living Rooms And More Spaces

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Contemporary stylish chandeliers for living rooms and more spaces

Chandeliers play a key role in interior design. Properly selected devices can not only transform the appearance of the room, but also improve the quality of lighting. Our company is capable of providing you with a wide variety of chandeliers on sale. However, when buying chandelier in chandelier shop, a few nuances must be considered. Only in this case you will be able to get a product that will perfectly cope with its functions and harmoniously fit into the design solution of the space, becoming its highlight and pride. So, let's see what role chandeliers play in the interior and how to choose the right products?


Not the last role is played by the quality of the material of manufacture. A good home chandelier doesn't have to look cheap. That is why, when choosing a device, pay attention to this item. Below are some of the most popular materials used to make lamps.

  • Metal

Forged chandeliers are made of metal, which are distinguished by an expensive and sophisticated appearance. They are not suitable for all areas. The installation of such a model is appropriate in spacious rooms. In addition, the design of the room must also match the level of the lighting fixture.

  • Crystal

Crystal chandeliers and ceiling crystal chandeliers have always been associated with luxury and wealth. The magnificent shine and gentle ringing of crystal ceiling lights fill the room with an aura of aristocracy. In modern crystal chandelier, everything is calculated in order to indicate the status of the owner. Naturally, such a pearl requires an appropriate frame. On our site there is a knife suitable for you crystal chandelier on sale.

  • Plastic

Modern manufacturers have learned how to make plastic chandeliers that are not inferior in quality to more expensive models. These are modern and technological devices that combine functionality and reliability. Due to the variety of options, you can choose a plastic model for any interior.


In order for a chandelier to decorate your home, it is necessary to take into account not only its design features, but also the design of the room itself. Only in this way can you achieve harmony and comfort.


Most of the models on the market fit perfectly into classic interiors. Despite the variety of shapes, sizes and colors, all classic chandeliers have common features. They are characterized by smooth lines and calm colors. It is possible to use lighting or unusual decor in the form of candles.

Contemporary chandeliers

The main feature of this direction is maximum practicality. Laconic shapes and soothing colors make these chandeliers simple. To correct this situation, designers add all sorts of decorative elements to their image. The most important thing is to observe moderation.

Modern chandelier lights

Such chandeliers can be called hybrids, combining timeless classics and unusual forms such as chandelier pendant lights or other designer chandeliers. Extravagant and luxurious products require the appropriate environment in the room. Models made in black and white colors look very beautiful and unusual.


Rustic style involves the use of the simplest designs. The presence of conspicuous decor or ridiculous design is unacceptable. These chandeliers look good in the bedroom. For decorating a living room, they may be too simple. 


The "attic" style is characterized by angular shapes and the predominance of the industrial style. Luxury chandeliers with metal lampshades, clear and strict forms are suitable here. The presence of scuffs and a vintage look add value to such chandeliers.

High tech

Hi-tech is a style characterized by complex shapes. Both glass and plastic fit perfectly here. Chandeliers with metal, chrome elements are simply made for this trend.

Delicate, spring, cozy Provence style is ideal for small spaces. Its main features are calm and gentle lines, harmonious colors and maximum simplicity. Chandeliers made in the style of "floristry" are perfectly combined with this direction


After you decide on the size, type, appearance and style of the chandelier, you need to think about its color performance. Modern models can combine a variety of colors and shades. So what are the most popular options today?

  • Gold and silver

Very unusual and extravagant colors. They are suitable for creating bright and glamorous designs. Such products immediately attract attention. The great advantage is the excellent compatibility of gold and silver with many other colors and shades. This option will be a great decoration for the living room.

  • Black color

Black color is also able to fill the space with comfort and harmony. Despite the extravagance, black chandeliers fit perfectly into many styles. However, they look best in rooms decorated in Gothic or medieval styles.

  • White

White chandeliers are considered universal. If it is difficult for you to choose the shade of the lamp for your home, feel free to take a device in white or milky color. Such models blend well with the surrounding shades and look quite stylish and attractive. 

  • Another colors

Extravagant and unique modern chandeliers instantly become the center of attention. This is a great solution for the living room, but designers do not recommend installing models of this color in the bedroom or recreation area. Different colors excite the nervous system, increases appetite, due to which a bright chandelier can be placed in the kitchen.


Living Room

A bright and warm light is suitable for the living room, a large solemn chandelier will look harmonious. You can choose a chandelier with a dimmer so that you can adjust the level of lighting.

Foyer and Hallway

In the foyer (if it is spacious enough), an elongated chandelier or led chandelier lights on the led ceiling chandelier looks good, the room is illuminated more evenly. You can pick up a chandelier with swivel spots. At the same time, it is important to adjust them, direct them not to the mirrors, but to the person standing in front of the mirror.


In the bedroom, the light should be dimmed. Softer light from chandeliers with lampshades, as well as frosted glass and crystal chandeliers. Chandeliers equipped with a control panel will be relevant for the bedroom.

Children's Room

In the children's room, choose a chandelier with bright colors and an original design. At the same time, it is important that the material of the chandelier is durable, it was impossible to break or damage it, so do not give preference to glass chandelier.

Dining Room 

Practical solutions are suitable for the kitchen, it is important that the chandelier is easy to care for. Chandeliers made of glass and metal are much easier to clean. A wooden chandelier should be varnished, a forged chandelier - with special mastic so that dirt does not collect on it. In the kitchen, as a rule, combined lighting is used: the dining area is allocated with a chandelier, and the stove and cabinets can be illuminated separately by crystal sconces.

Properly selected chandeliers become indispensable attributes of the overall style. They complement the space, attract attention, decorate the home and help create appropriate accents. The most important thing when choosing a product is to consider the rules and points listed above.