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How to choose the best floor lamp

How to choose the best floor lamp

Choosing the most suitable floor lamp for your interior is not an easy task. This lighting device is designed to bring additional comfort and harmony to the room. In this article, you will learn how to choose the best floor lamp.

  1. Types of floor lamp materials.

- The glass plafond goes well with many interior styles. The glass lampshade, passing the light flux through itself, scatters it, making it softer.

How to choose the best floor lamp

- Metal shades allow you to get a clearly directed luminous flux. Metal is a cold material, metal elements fit perfectly into the interior of a loft, high-tech style.

How to choose the best floor lamp

- Textile is the best option for conservative classic interiors. A floor lamp with a textile lampshade emits diffused light and creates a romantic atmosphere of comfort. A lamp with a textile shade is the perfect solution for the bedroom and living room.

- Plastic is an inexpensive but durable material, and plafonds made of it can look modern, stylish and original.

- Wood - this material is chosen by lovers of eco-style and ethnic motifs in the interior. Wooden lampshades are rare, they are mostly made to order.

  1. Floor lamp placement options depending on the room.

- In the living room, it is advisable to install a directional light floor lamp where you can comfortably sit down for reading. Such a lamp should be installed slightly behind and to the side of the reading area. In the area for watching TV or receiving guests, place a floor lamp that emits diffused light. However, in the living room, a floor lamp can be placed anywhere, it is only important not to let it interfere with the view of the interior and clutter up the space. It’s good for them to occupy an empty corner or put two identical models on the sides of the sofa.

How to choose the best floor lamp

- In the bedroom, floor lamps are usually assigned the role of bedside lamps. If the bed is single, a small bedside table and a compact floor lamp are placed at its headboard, the power of which will be enough to illuminate the entire room. With a double bed, it is better to use a tandem of floor lamps.

How to choose the best floor lamp

- A child's room needs a calm, diffused light source that should also work at night if your small child wakes up at night. Buy a small floor lamp with a soft, dim light and a lampshade made of safe materials for a children's room.

- In the dining room, an arched floor lamp will look great, illuminating the dining area with warm light. In this case, it is also better to choose the color of the lampshade in warm colors - for example, peach or dusty pink.

Additional helpful tips:

- The size of the plafond. To make the lamp look harmonious, the diameter of its lampshade should be one inch less than the length of the leg. This only applies to models with short stands.

- Leg height. For rooms with low ceilings, it is not recommended to choose high floor lamps. It is better to give preference to compact models of medium height and neutral shades. Tall rooms are perfectly complemented by lamps 8.2 feet high.

- The choice of power depends on the purpose of the lamp. The most optimal atmosphere in the room can be created by lamps with a power of 40-100 watts.
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