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How to choose the best ceiling lighting

How to choose the best ceiling lighting

One of the most popular home lighting options for general overall room illumination may be close to ceiling lights. These essential pieces of house lighting are available in a wide range of designs and materials, so it's simple to choose one that matches your decor perfectly.

For greater lighting control, look for dimmable fixtures. By gently modifying the lighting levels, you can quickly and simply create the ideal ambiance for any event.

Flush-mount Ceiling Lights

How to choose the best ceiling lighting

Low-profile fixtures flush installed to the ceiling are known as flush-mount ceiling lights. This style leaves no space between the light and the ceiling by connecting directly to the power source. Compared to other types of ceiling lights, they are less obtrusive and blend into your decor more organically, but they can still be lovely because some of them include fashionable crystals and decorative details.


- Since less dust and pests are captured, you don't need to clean as frequently.

- High-traffic locations benefit greatly from low profile.

- There are more sensible, subtle designs available.

The best installations:

- Lower ceilings, measuring about 7-8 feet

- Hallways and busy areas

- Places where you usually walk under the light

- Closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens

Semi-Flush-mount Ceiling Lights


How to choose the best ceiling lighting


Semi-flush-mount ceiling lights typically have more elaborate crystal detailing and art glass than flush mount ceiling lights. With a short stem below the canopy that creates a tiny space between the ceiling and the light, they are typically affixed to the ceiling. Due to light filtering upward in addition to downward, this enables increased illumination and ambient lighting.


- More ambient lighting and illumination

- Access to change light bulbs more easily

- Available other decorative elements

The best installations:

- Greater ceiling height, around 9 to 10 feet.

- Install lower ceiling fixtures where people won't be walking directly beneath them.

- Over seats, vanities, baths, and dining tables.

- Bathrooms, bedrooms, and entryways

Useful tips:

- Choose the appropriate Size, Style, Finish, and Type using our menu

- Gold lighting fixtures and drum near-ceiling lights are currently in style

- For optimal lighting and easy passing under the light, we advise leaving at least 84′′ between the bottom of the light and the ground

- Recessed lighting, pendant lights, and chandeliers are actually the greatest choices for higher ceiling applications like vaulted or cathedral ceilings.

- Track lighting and picture lighting are wonderful options for emphasizing features like artwork or decor.

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