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How to choose chairs for the interior: rules and features

Bar, metal, wooden, plastic, for dining room, office and living room – it's easy to get confused in such a variety of chairs if you don't know the main thing.

You need to choose chairs based on the interior, taking into account the background of the room.

Each direction is focused on its "own" material.

  • In English, country, palace styles – only wooden models are appropriate. At the same time, both the style of execution and the color will differ.

How to choose chairs for the interior: rules and features

  • In the Provence interior, both wooden and forged metal chairs look good.
  • Metal + wood combinations are suitable for the loft.
  • New materials are used in high-tech or modern apartments, and therefore it is good if you buy velvet designer chairs in such an apartment.

How to choose chairs for the interior: rules and features

  • Scandinavian chairs made of unpainted wood or combined models of wood + plastic will complement.

Some adjustments are possible in the configuration of the chairs themselves. High bar models will be needed only if there is a bar counter or a kitchen island. Otherwise, you can do with the usual models.

How to choose chairs for the interior: rules and features

Does the color of the chairs matter?

The color palette of modern chairs has ceased to be only brown, black or white. If we see a tendency towards stable and neutral scales more in wood, MDF or rattan, then innovations in materials can be of any shades and shapes at all.

The color, as well as the shape, is an exclusively stylistic parameter, focused on a definitely taken interior. And the choice of chairs according to these parameters is always based on a coloristic background, the presence of supportive shades or the desire to distinguish furniture from everything else. Nevertheless, there are generally accepted standards.

Dark blue, gray, graphite and "dark chocolate" chairs are considered typical for neoclassical interiors. For high-tech – black-and-white or transparent models. In the country room, as in Provence - brown, white, blue, blue. And for the Scandinavian and eco-direction – "in the natural color of wood", white, gray.

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