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How to choose a chair for the dining room?

Chairs are an integral part of the dining room. Therefore, in this article we will tell you what you should pay attention to so that the chairs are not only a room decoration, but also comfortable.

When choosing a chair, the following criteria should be considered:

  1. Prolonged sitting shouldn`t cause discomfort. Try to see if you are comfortable in a chair. The presence of a creak, instability of the structure indicates low quality.
  1. It is important to select chairs with ergonomics in mind. The height should provide a comfortable seat at the dining table. The width of the seat should be sufficient so that each member of the family can sit comfortably.

The same goes for the back. The straight inclined back allows you to maintain your posture, but relaxing on a chair with a soft back is more comfortable. The armrests take some of the load off the spine, but at the same time make the model much more massive.


How to choose a chair for the dining room?

  1. The size of the structure depends on the area of ​​the dining room. For a small room, it is better to buy compact models, and leave massive semi-chairs for spacious rooms.
  1. Preference should be given to chairs that are easy to care for. The upholstery material must be highly resistant to dirt.
  1. Pay attention to the seat. Someone likes to sit on soft and warm, someone, on the contrary, doesn`t welcome long sitting. There is a suitable option for everyone: the seat can be chosen hard, soft or semi-soft - the latter option is a compromise.

How to choose a chair for the dining room?

  1. Particular attention should be paid to the materials from which the chair frame is made. The most durable materials: wood, metal.

How to choose a chair for the dining room?

  1. And be sure to consider the style of the living room interior when choosing a chair.

Wooden chairs are more suitable for a classic style.

For modern style, both metal and wood are suitable.

For a loft / high-tech / minimalist style, choose metal or plastic chairs.

  1. For the dining room, it is worth choosing leather upholstery material. This is the most practical option for this room.

How to choose a chair for the dining room?

9. Don't forget to choose a color scheme. Take into account both the shade of the frame material and the color of the upholstery. The principle depends on the style of the living room.
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