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Crystal chandeliers: types, features and specific care (2)

Crystal chandeliers: types, features and specific care (2)

The main types of crystal chandeliers

Chandeliers with crystal pendants can be made in a variety of styles and a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Crystal chandeliers may vary:

  • by type of fastening;
  • in the form of models;
  • according to the type of lamps used.
Crystal chandeliers: types, features and specific care

According to the type of fastening, ceiling and pendant crystal chandeliers are distinguished. Ceiling lights are securely fixed in close proximity to the ceiling. They are usually quite compact, do not take up much space and are great for small rooms with low ceilings. The design of pendant-type luminaires assumes the presence of a suspension, traditionally made in the form of a chain. For hanging models, plafonds-candles are often used, the shape of which resembles a flame frozen in the wind. They look good in spacious rooms with standard or high ceilings.

Crystal chandeliers: types, features and specific care

The shape of crystal chandeliers can be cascading and classic. Both of them harmoniously fit into interiors with a wide variety of designs: from baroque and empire to art deco and modern style.

Crystal chandeliers: types, features and specific care

Cascading crystal chandeliers give the room a feeling of lightness and graceful airiness. They are especially good for placement in the kitchen or hallway. At the same time, if your home does not have very high ceilings, you do not have to refuse to purchase such a lighting device. Just give preference to less bulky ceiling models.

Crystal chandeliers: types, features and specific care

By the type of lamps used, crystal chandeliers are most often:

  • LED;
  • halogen;
  • incandescent.

LED crystal chandeliers are the most energy efficient, followed by halogen lights, followed by incandescent lights.

Crystal chandelier care tips

The maintenance standards for crystal chandeliers require annual cleaning of products. Look after the lighting devices located in the kitchen, dining room and hall more often - 2-3 times a year. For cleaning you will need:

  • gloves;
  • two flaps of soft tissue;
  • means for washing glasses or cleaning tableware;
  • stool or stepladder.

So, 4 simple steps - how to wash a crystal chandelier:

  1. Turn off the lights and unscrew the bulbs. Wear gloves to avoid leaving marks on the crystal, and use a soft, lint-free cloth.
  2. Using a stool or a compact stepladder, rise to the level of the chandelier and apply cleaning agent to one of the fabric scraps.
  3. Gently wipe all the elements, moving from the parts at the top of the product to those located below. Wipe the pendants dry with the second cloth.
  4. Clean the lamps with a cloth dampened with water and screw them back.


When washing crystal chandeliers, avoid abrasive and strong cleaners. And in no case do not leave the elements of the lamp wet - this can lead to the formation of stains on the crystal and corrosion on metal areas and joints.

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