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Chandeliers for high ceiling apartments

It can seem very easy to select a chandelier for a large apartment with high ceilings at first. But frequently, the owners of such properties face the same difficulties choosing it as those of low-rise apartments.

There are several qualities to take into account while selecting chandeliers for high ceiling rooms:

  1. Huge, suspended chandeliers should be preferred; built-in fixtures and spotlights will blend in the room and get lost in the interior.
  2. While it is required to elevate the chandelier as high as possible in rooms with low ceilings, the reverse is true in rooms with high ceilings, where it is necessary to lower the chandelier as much as possible. A chandelier should be installed at a height of 2.3 meters.
  3. The darker the room’s interior, the larger and more powerful should be the chandelier.
  4. You should consider a chandelier with diffused lighting.
  5. Choose huge, flat chandeliers or light panels if the room is tiny in size but has high ceilings.

Chandelier styles that work well with high ceilings

Cascading chandeliers

These are cone-shaped chandeliers with flowing threads and ornate glass or crystal accents. These chandeliers, which frequently have threads as long as two meters or more, are made specifically for high ceilings. These chandeliers will look fantastic inside a big living room or hall in a country home.


Chandeliers for high ceiling apartments


Hanging chandeliers

Owners of rooms with high ceilings should definitely consider hanging chandeliers. Many people tend to prefer this type of lighting fixtures over something else. Chandeliers that hang from the ceiling cast light in the desired locatio. Ideally, you should pick a chandelier that has the option of being adjusted in height. In a different situation, it is important to measure the length of the suspension and the chandelier explicitly to avoid an accident involving a low-hanging bulb. The dining room or bedroom will look great with this option of the chandelier.


Chandeliers for high ceiling apartments


Ceiling chandeliers

Large ceiling chandeliers are best used in kitchens and hallways in flats with high ceilings but small spaces. Of course, ceiling lights or flat light panels are preferable over hanging chandeliers because they would look out of place and not even be practical in a corridor or kitchen.


Chandeliers for high ceiling apartments


We have now taken into account the main categories of chandeliers for high ceilings as well as the installation characteristics. Naturally, you shouldn't overlook the importance of adhering to the interior's style and color scheme in order to achieve a stylish outcome that will not fail to impress.

Wish you success and inspiration in making your home the best and the most comfortable place for you!
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