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Advantages of LED lamps

Advantages of LED lamps

Light-emitting diode or LED fixtures have replaced conventional light sources such as incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps. They are practical, multifunctional and economical, therefore they are used in many areas. Let us examine in more detail the advantages of LED lamps, including in comparison with other types of lighting devices.

Advantages of LED lamps

Economical efficiency

The main advantage of LED lamps is efficiency. It provides low power consumption. In comparison with incandescent lamps, it is almost 8 times lower. When using a light fixture with a large number of LEDs, the savings are especially evident.


LED lamps work much longer than other types of light sources. Their service life is 20-50 times longer than the service life of incandescent lamps. Depending on the type of LED lamp, it can work for 30-100 thousand hours. As a result, the need to frequently change burnt out light bulbs is lost. This also makes the lamps more economical.

Advanced Security

One of the features of LED lamps is low heat dissipation. The maximum temperature they can reach is 70°C. This is important for fire safety. Due to this property, LED-devices can be installed on the ceiling of different materials, without fear that they can cause a fire due to heating.

Another safety lies in the fact that mercury is not used in the manufacture of LED lamps, and LEDs emit light that is safe for the eyes. Also, LED lamps do not require special disposal, so they do not pose a danger to the environment.

High strength

LED lamps are better able to withstand vibrations and shocks, since they do not have a glass bulb and filament in their design. This increases the service life and expands the possibilities of using such lamps. In the presence of an additional hermetic case, LED-light fixtures can even be used as explosion-proof ones.


LED lamps have the ability to switch the color of the glow. With the help of the remote control and the controller, it can be changed from cold blue to warm yellow. This allows you to choose the light depending on the purpose of the room and the desired effect. Dimmers built into the wiring diagram allow you to change the brightness of the LEDs, due to which the lighting can be made brighter or dimmer.

Advantages of LED lamps

Which lamp is better - fluorescent or LED

Unlike with fluorescent and other lamps, LED lamps do not emit any sounds. This is important in lighting both residential and public, educational and office facilities, since abnormal noise can irritate a person, keep from his work or rest.

A few more advantages of LED lamps over fluorescent lamps:

  • do not distort the color perception of a person;
  • do not contain harmful substances, so they are safe in case of accidental damage to the case;
  • have high energy efficiency (about 100-150 Lm/W against 60-70 Lm/W for fluorescent lamps).
Advantages of LED lamps

Disadvantages of LED lamps

  • The LED lamp has one minus - the price, which is higher than that of other types of lamps. But the increased cost is offset by the advantages, among which the most important are efficiency, high light output and wide application possibilities.

Wide design possibilities

Compared to other types of lamps, LED lamps have a more diverse design. They are available in different shapes, sizes and colors, which allows you to choose devices for any style of exterior or interior.

Advantages of LED lamps
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