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Outdoor lighting

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Outdoor lighting 

Lamp for outdoor plays an important role in the beautification of homes. Modern manufacturers offer customers a variety of lighting fixtures to choose from. Wall lanterns are good solutions for decorating private houses. When choosing such details, it is necessary to take into account many important factors.

The main advantage of wall lamps outdoor is that they are easy and quick to install. To do this, you do not need to stock up on expensive tools and make a lot of effort. However, there are cases when it is better to call an experienced electrician to install such elements.

Most often, wall lamps illuminate a fairly large area. So, with the help of two or three models, you can easily illuminate the entire yard. Fortunately, today you can find wall lamps of various modifications. They can be installed on absolutely any surface: natural wood, siding, etc. They are also mounted on house walls, fences, gazebos, garages.


Currently, there are many varieties of exterior lights. Consider the most practical and popular options.

One of the most common and durable are waterproof flashlights, sconces and up down wall sconces. Such useful models are made of different materials and have different designs. They are especially relevant if the house is located in an area with high humidity and constant dampness.

Protection against moisture in such products is provided by special silicone gaskets. Such details not only protect the device from water ingress, but also seamlessly endure low temperatures in the winter. Today, almost all high-quality outdoor house lights are equipped with such elements.

Elegant exterior sconce lights or original lamps of unusual shapes will look especially attractive and impressive in the yard. Such designer products are able to create a unique and cozy atmosphere. They can be installed on any surface.

Decorative lamps can set the tone for a particular space. For example, if you install them on both sides of the front door, you can emphasize the status of the building and give it a certain style.

Often, patio wall light are mounted on the walls of the gazebo. The result is a more comfortable environment that will encourage relaxation and friendly communication. Decorative models are more expensive, as they have a more thoughtful and attractive design.

Also, outdoor wall lighting devices are divided into:

Outdoor sconces mounted on the wall surface with a reliable bracket. A ceiling or lampshade is attached to this part. As a rule, such models have an interesting decorative design. They have a variety of designs and are suitable for decorating a yard of any style.

Surface lighting fixtures are equipped with shades that are attached directly to the wall. As a rule, such types of lamps have shades of simple geometric shapes. Such instances are often used to illuminate the inside of the house (for example, in the bathroom). Surface options with uncomplicated shades will look harmonious in modern-style ensembles.

Outdoor lanterns with hanging shades (pendant lamps) are very popular. Like classic and decorative sconces, hanging models are made with different external designs. For this reason, they can be used as light sources in a variety of settings. 


Many consumers turn to such outdoor lighting items because of their cost-effectiveness. In addition, they are distinguished by a long service life, and they do not have to be changed every year. Wall lamps are made of durable materials that are not subject to mechanical damage. Many of them provide protection from the negative effects of dampness and moisture, as well as street dust and dirt.

Outdoor wall lighting are made from different materials.

For example, for elegant antique-styled items, use:

high-quality steel that has undergone artistic forging;

  • brass;
  • copper;
  • aluminum. This material is used in the manufacture of cheaper fixtures.

Such an inexpensive material as aluminum cannot boast of excellent anti-corrosion properties. Over time, it may lose its attractive appearance and darken.

Beautiful outdoor lighting are made not only from metal. They are also made from lighter materials. It can be plastic, ceramics, glass and crystal. The last type of material in the production of lamps for outdoor is the least used.

Any raw material from which outdoor lighting devices are made must meet a number of requirements:

  • the material must be waterproof and easily tolerate high humidity;
  • it must also have enhanced anti-corrosion properties;
  • it must not be subject to deformation. It is impossible in such production to use materials that do not tolerate temperature extremes and harsh weather conditions.

Steel products are considered the strongest and most durable. If you install an LED light source in such a device, then such a lamp will become not only beautiful and durable, but also very economical. Always remember: waterproof led wall lamp is a real find for your space. 



Yard lights can have a variety of shapes. One of the most common are models with large round shades. Such options look simple and are suitable for almost any yard.

In the yards of private houses, there are often plain flat and round lamps (tablet type). These are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes. The disadvantage of such products is that if you leave a gap between the device and the wall during installation or changing the light bulb, then various insects will fall into the ceiling.

Simple and at the same time, square and rectangular wall lamps look stylish and modern in the yards. However, such options should not be combined with classic-style decor elements and garden accessories, as they have a more modern and even futuristic appearance.

Beautiful trapezoidal and rounded shades have exquisite sconces with forging elements. Such decorative items look expensive and elegant. Also in such models there may be beautiful teardrop-shaped shades with pointed details at the bottom.

Installing wall lights is very simple. Anyone can handle it. Before installing lighting fixtures of any type, it is necessary to completely de-energize the house.


An exquisite white outdoor light will refresh and enliven the yard. To prevent the landscape lighting from becoming black or gray, it must be cleaned from time to time from dust and dirt. Brown lamps will look organically in the courtyard of a private house. This color is classic. It will be in harmony with a variety of shades in its environment.

Common are black and gray specimens. Most often, such models are found in ensembles made in modern directions. Lamps with golden and silver surfaces will look interesting. Such products are in harmony not only in artsy, but also in classic and vintage ensembles 


Today you can find outdoor wall lighting and sconces in a variety of stylistic directions.

  • High-tech models are modern and stylish. Such varieties have a minimalistic design. They can be made of metal with additional glass inserts. The forms of modern lamps should be as simple as possible, without patterned lines and forged weaves.
  • Simple and concise Art Nouveau lamps also have simple and attractive forms. Such models will look organically in many ensembles.
  • Vintage lighting fixtures have a special charm. Their surfaces are artificially aged. A brass model will look especially organic in the yard. Vintage lamps and elegant sconces have beautiful shapes and intricate weaves of material.
  • No less attractive are instances in the classical vein. Such lamps are also complemented by patterned lines, and their shades have elegant shapes.
  • A popular style today is minimalism. Outdoor lamps in this vein do not have decorative additions. They are characterized by simple and discreet forms. For such areas, it is better to choose small models.

Varieties of lamps

The simplest are incandescent lamps. They have been used for a very long time and today they are becoming less and less common. This is due to the fact that such bulbs do not have a long service life, but they have a high energy consumption. They are inferior in many respects to more modern light sources.

One of the most popular are light-emitting diode (LED) lamps. They are ideal for outdoor lighting and have a bright light. In addition, led outdoor lighting will serve the owners for a long time.


The wall lamp outdoor can be installed:

  • Near entrance doors. You can install one or two lamps on the right and left side of the door.
  • Near the back entrance to a country house.
  • Near stairs, steps leading to the second floor of the building.
  • Near the outer descent to the plinth.
  • Near the decorative elements of the facade. Thus, you can draw attention to them.
  • On the wall of the gazebo.
  • On the wall overlooking the backyard.
  • On the walls of a garage or bath.

When installing a street lamp, you need to pay attention to its brightness and style. The flashlight should organically fit into the main lighting composition without drawing too much attention to itself. If you are installing a lamp in a recreation area or next to a pool, then you should take into account the possibility of changing the arrangement of furniture and other decorative elements.

Try to avoid polluting light sources. Especially often this problem occurs if several lighting fixtures are placed close to each other. For lighting on the porch, it is better to choose lamps with motion sensors. Thus, you can significantly save electricity, since such devices go out after a while after being turned on.

When choosing devices, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​their illumination. Do not overload the space with a large number of lamps, otherwise the atmosphere will turn out to be too colorful and uncomfortable. It is enough to purchase several small flashlights with a large area of ​​​​illumination. It is recommended to choose appliances with the same type of lighting (cold or warm).