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General lighting in the kid's room

Today, scientists have already proved the fact that the conditions of a child's development and upbringing affect him in the future and form his personality. That is why parents try to create the best possible conditions for their child, equipping the nursery with the best furniture and creating interesting layouts. But at the same time, do not forget about one of the most important parameters of any room – illumination, which affects not only the perception of the environment, but also vision. Lighting in the kid's room requires a careful approach: both a shortage and an overabundance of light have a negative effect.

General lighting in the kid's room

What factors should be considered?

There is no universal formula by which it would be possible to calculate how many light bulbs need to be used and where to place them. In each kids's room, the issue is solved individually, and depends on numerous factors: the size of the room, the number and parameters of windows, the side of the light that the windows overlook, the age of the child, the materials used in the decoration, etc.

General lighting in the kid's room

It is advisable to create a lighting plan at the stage of planning repairs: it is important to think not only about what furniture will be used, what walls and floors will be, but also where the main and additional light sources will be located. It is necessary to approach the selection of the brightness of the lamps very carefully: it is necessary to prevent semi-darkness in the room, but the light should not be too bright, so as not to give unnecessary glare on individual objects in the room. The entire space should be evenly illuminated: a sharp transition from light to shadow is unacceptable.

As for the appearance of the lamps, today the choice is so wide that the kid's room can be decorated in any style, and chandeliers and sconces will resemble fairy-tale characters, have the shape of an airplane, a kite, etc.

General lighting in the kid's room

The organization of general lighting

The general lighting in the children's room can be equipped with chandeliers, ceiling lights, spotlights and spots. The general lighting should not be bright, but sufficient to give uniform light throughout the room. It is better if the light stream is directed not down, but up and was diffused.

If you decide to use a chandelier in a room for general lighting, then pay attention to the options made of frosted glass and closed type. It is better to abandon large massive models:

General lighting in the kid's room
  • firstly, they are not very safe during active children's games,
  • secondly, they clutter up the space, which is not always enough.

Ceiling Lamp

An alternative to the usual chandelier is a ceiling lamp: it copes with its tasks perfectly, takes up little space, and at the same time can have an interesting shape, decorating a children's room. Another option is spot lighting, which is easy to organize if suspended or suspended ceilings are used in the nursery. Spotlights located around the perimeter of the room give a uniform soft light, which is so necessary in a children's room. Sometimes, with the help of spot lighting, you can zoning a room.

General lighting in the kid's room

Spot Chandeliers

Spot chandeliers, which combine several lamps, are not bad for children's rooms. The direction of the light of the latter can be easily changed by organizing uniform general lighting and, if necessary, highlighting certain areas.

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