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Currently, maintaining body hygiene is not possible without plumbing fixtures such as a bathtub or shower. The latter is much more popular, as taking a bath takes a lot of time, and you can freshen up with a shower in just a few minutes.

Concealed faucets are an excellent solution to the problem of a small area, as this is one of the ways to significantly save space. All models have the same purpose, only the devices are different. Traditional appliances involve the placement of the adjustment device and the water supply in the housing. A concealed faucet is a fixture that exists separately from the spout. It is necessary to install such a device at the moment when the water pipes are being diluted, since installation into the wall takes place. From the outside, only a metal nozzle and a control lever are visible.

Shower faucet sets

Built-in shower head set are structurally different from traditional devices and are installed mainly in cabins. As a result, this type of faucet is equipped with one inlet (to which the shower nozzle is connected) and two outlets (to which water is supplied, cold and hot).

There are also built-in hygienic type shower faucets installed next to the toilet, they allow you to completely replace the bidet. As a rule, the package includes a Shower faucet for concealed installation and a shower head with a hose, which are installed in the wall structure. These models also do not have a spout.

Bathtub faucet sets

The built-in bath faucet implies a rather unusual installation option - its installation is carried out directly on the side of the bath, in the most convenient place, and this is its undeniable advantage. In addition, this model is characterized by a number of undeniable advantages:

The ability to hide the hose from the shower head behind the side of the bathtub and pull it out as needed. Frees up space on the wall that can be used to install a shelf for storing bathroom accessories. The bath set time is significantly reduced, due to the fact that this device provides the optimal mode of water supply.

Shower faucet sets

A built-in shower faucet, as a rule, consists these main elements: the main unit, shower head and handle mounted in the wall, and a panel with control levers. Each product can be purchased separately, which allows you to buy shower head and faucet with the design of the decorative panel in accordance with the interior of the bathroom.

Of greatest interest is the main Shower faucet unit. It is thanks to him that the flow of water is controlled. In most cases, the block is presented in the form of a plastic cylinder, complete with threads and a brass head with four holes. Each element has its own purpose:

  • Receipt in the lowes shower heads of water.
  • Feed to the spout of the new shower faucet of the mixed liquid.
  • Cold water supply.
  • Hot water supply.

Let's consider the main advantages that shower head for bathtub built into the wall have.

  1. Compactness

Naturally, for small and not very small baths, this device will be the best solution. And most importantly - the complete absence of protruding parts. The built-in shower and tub faucet sets takes up little space, and a flat panel with a lever or control valves will leave room for bath accessories or small household items.

  1. Reliability

Manufacturers pay special attention to the quality and reliability of built-in shower faucets. And it is not surprising, because the installation of this equipment is carried out in the wall structure with the expectation of many years, thus completing the recently completed repairs. After all, its failure implies a violation of the integrity of the coating.

  1. Comfort in use

Built-in shower faucets will turn water treatments into a pleasant and easy experience. You will no longer be afraid of a bad turn and break the shower head arm in the shower cabin or, even worse, injure yourself. In this case, a couple of simple turns or clicks are enough - and the water flow will be adjusted in the right direction.

  1. Design

It is foolish to deny that the built-in shower faucet looks very stylish. The conciseness of the design, in which there are no unnecessary details, will decorate the bathroom like a designer installation. Using new shower head is a pleasure.

  1. Economy

When trying to adjust the required temperature regime at a time, we spend 5 liters of liquid and 7 seconds of time. This problem is most relevant for apartments equipped with metering devices. This situation will help to correct the installation of a built-in shower faucet -thermostat.

  1. Special use

In some situations, only a shower faucet of this type may be suitable, it is important to remember this. For example, the need for a rain shower function, which requires the presence of this equipment.

Shower heads

It would seem that it is enough just to mount a best shower head over your head and the desired result will be achieved. However, in addition to the location of the shower heads, a rain shower built into the ceiling has other differences from the usual structures.

  • In a tropical-type design, air is mixed with water in a certain ratio, which ensures that water does not flow in jets, but in drops that imitate raindrops which can be enjoyed thanks to this one of the best shower heads.
  • Unlike classic models, shower heads built into the ceiling surface do not take up much space and are not particularly noticeable until the water is turned on.
  • In most cases, built-in modifications can be installed independently, if a separate water supply for this particular watering can is previously made and there is room for a separate water flow control unit.

In addition to the fact that a wall shower heads built into the ceiling is already significantly different from the standard one, it has several modifications. Equipped with various additional features:

  1. The simplest model. There are no additional functions here and only two options for working: drops or jets of water.
  2. Hydromassage models. They differ in the number and size of nozzles. In a certain position of the mode switch, the jets will be strong enough to provide a massage effect.
  3. Illuminated options. A small generator and several LEDs are built into the diffuser of the shower head with lights. As the water flows through the generator, it generates energy by making the LEDs glow on the led light shower head . In addition to the generator, a small temperature sensor is often built in, which makes the diodes glow differently, depending on the water temperature. Led rainfall showerhead not only looks very beautiful, but also has a special effect of light, called chromotherapy.
  4. Large-sized models equipped with the "fog" or "steam" function - the names are different, but the essence is the same - water is sprayed through very small nozzles in the form of a fine water suspension that envelops you in a cool or hot cloud. Feelings from this  bathtub faucet and shower head are simply indescribable and very pleasant.