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Elegant Modern Table Lamps, Luxury Night Lamps and Unique Desk Lamps

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Modern Table and Floor Lamps for Bedroom, Living Room and More. 

Table or desk lamps are a large class of lamps that have been used for local lighting for a long time. Of course, nowadays a modern table lamps can also play a decorative role, participating in the creation of the interior. One of the main advantages of table lamps is that they can provide good light for reading. Of course, a floor lamp can do the same, but it is not always possible to find a place for it. Sometimes table lamps can become an element of the design of the room from a simple light source. And some – even elements of art: gold lamp, stained glass lamp.


The main task of all such lamps is the same — to create a comfortable local lighting in which it will be convenient to perform certain actions. However, if you understand the purpose of using floor-mounted lamps, then you can divide them into 2 main groups:

  • Decorative — these are models in which the key importance is not the characteristics of the created lighting, but the design execution. They are used to complement and decorate the interior, placed on tables in recreation areas, in living rooms, etc. Such lamps, as a rule, have a spectacular design and can be made of expensive materials. When choosing a luxury table lamp, you should pay attention to the fact that it harmonizes with the surrounding space with its coloring, shape, decorative elements and other nuances.
  • Table lamps such as study lamp are used precisely for effective local illumination of the desktop, study corner, etc. Led table lamp is perfect for this kind of work. In these models, their functionality and glow parameters are of key importance. As a rule, they allow you to adjust the direction of the luminous flux, are ergonomic and relatively compact, so they take up a minimum of space on the table. Moreover, the lamp can be placed almost outside the countertop — these are the fixtures on the clamp.

Thus, when choosing a table lamp, you should first of all decide for what purposes you plan to purchase it. It should also be borne in mind that individual options can combine high practicality and a noble appearance. For example, flexible office lights can have a respectable bronze color with a patina.

Bedside Table Lamps

Bedside table lamps and  LED bedside lamps (often referred to as night lights) are those lamps that stand on the bedside table next to the bed. Usually modern bedroom lamps are paired, one on the bedside table on each side of the bed.

Although the lamps may be the same, you can choose different ones. If you like one type of lamp and your partner likes another, then it is acceptable to have stylistically coordinated, but not different bedside lamps. Ideally, the bedside lamps you choose should be combined with the rest of the furniture in your bedroom. If you have large bedside tables, the lamps should also be large. If you have small bedside tables, it is better to choose small or miniature lamps.

  • Useful advice on choosing a bedside table lamp: if you are going to read in bed, the height of the bed reading lamp will be of particular importance. According to the rules, the bedside table should be the same height as your mattress, and the lower edge of the lampshade should coincide with your chin when you are sitting in bed with a book. Compact version of reading lamps - led reading lamps. Modern led lamp is equipped with enough light for comfortable reading of your favorite books.

The lamp that will be higher will create glare when you sit next to it. A lamp that is too low will not illuminate your book properly.

Decorative Table Lamps

While many types of table lamps are designed to help you see better by illuminating the desired area, decorative ones are more for visual comfort. They certainly add light to the room, but they should not be used as directional lighting. Also, you can use outdoor table lights to create special place outside the home

Since compared to classic table lamp these lamps are “just for fun", you have a lot of options at. For example, if you are creating a modern industrial design, then you can choose a lamp with an open Edison lamp (they are also called retro lamps) on a wooden base. If you are decorating a child's room, you can choose a lamp in the shape of one of your child's favorite cartoon characters or choose a lamp in the shape of a butterfly or a racing car. 

Interesting fact: most of the Tiffany-style small table lamps are decorative. They have a beautiful stained-glass window in the form of a flower, bird or butterfly and will add the necessary notes to your interior. At the same time, sitting and reading a book with these lamps will not work.

Table Lamps for The Desktop

 If you have a home office, even if it's just a small desk in the corner of the room, you need a designer desk lamps to illuminate any projects or tasks you're working on. How well your workspace is lit directly affects your productivity and health. Often the modern side table lamp have an adjustable lever so that you can position the light directly above your workspace or adjust the angle of the led table light to better illuminate your work.

 As with bedside lamps, the size of the desk lamp should match the size of your desk. If you have a compact desk or workspace, choose a small table lamp for study and work. A large table requires a large lamp.

 Table Lamps for Dressing Table (Sideboard)

 Although you can choose different ones, the lamps of the sideboard, sideboard and dressing table are usually used in pairs. Most often they are placed closer to the ends of the dressing table. They are designed to ensure the balance of a piece of furniture – they have a more decorative role. Dressing table lamps are usually taller, have a more elongated base than other types of table lamps. They usually have a height of at least 32 inches. The bases of table lamps are usually thin or narrow with a wider shade.


 No matter where you intend to place a table lamp, you should adhere to the fundamental guidelines for selecting an item:

1. Pay attention to both form and beauty in addition to function. Consider how well-coordinated your space will seem when picking lamps because they are not just light sources but also decorative elements. For instance, sleek chrome table lamps work best in modern settings, and classic settings would benefit more from lamps with ceramic bases, glass shades, and ornate accents.

2. Be confident combining. The table lamp you choose should not only fit in with the decor of the space, but also naturally enhance the other levels of illumination that are already in place. Setting up two completely different side table lamps but solving in the same color scheme or comparable in shape is an interesting approach. It is not worthwhile to randomly mix various lamps; instead, the objects should have characteristics in common, such as color, metal finish, shape, etc.

3.  Select the ideal size. Size is important while buying table lights. Just as a small lamp will appear out of place in a large room, so would a large lamp in a small space. A crucial point: the environment and the height of the room in which the table lamp is placed affect its height. A shorter lamp will work if your bedside table is tall, and vice versa. When you are sitting and unwinding, the best lamp is one with the lowest portion of the lampshade at eye level

4. Think about accommodations. Decide first where you want your table lamp to go, how high it will stand, and how far it should be from the bed, couch, or chair next to it. The selection of the room for which the table lamps are designed is another crucial consideration.

5. Home decor lamps that comes great in the living room might not in the bedroom, and vice versa.

The modern table lamps from Mirodemi will enhance the primary light source and foster a welcoming ambience in the evening. Consider it not only as a useful object but also as an accessory since it can add to your personal style