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Pendant lighting

  • MIRODEMI® Gourdon 3D Colorful Starry Sky Pendant Lamp

    Original price $229.00 - Original price $476.00
    Original price $229.00
    $172.00 - $357.00
    $172.00 - $357.00
    Current price $172
    Save $57

    Transform your kitchen or dining room into a vibrant and stylish space with this colorful pendant lighting fixture. Inspired by the starry sky, thi...

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  • MIRODEMI® Tourrettes-sur-Loup Loft Glass Pendant Lamp

    Original price $286.00 - Original price $288.00
    Original price $286.00
    $215.00 - $216.00
    $215.00 - $216.00
    Current price $215
    Save $71

    Elevate your kitchen or dining room with this stunning multi-colored pendant lighting fixture. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting starry sky, ...

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  • MIRODEMI® Roquebrune-Cap-Martin Loft Chandelier for Kitchen

    Original price $301.00 - Original price $898.00
    Original price $301.00
    $226.00 - $674.00
    $226.00 - $674.00
    Current price $226
    Save $75

    Add original home décor to your kitchen with this stunning black loft chandelier. Featuring a sleek and minimalistic design, this modern chandelier...

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  • MIRODEMI® Airole | Creative Glass Chandelier for Living Room

    Original price $1,230.00 - Original price $2,284.00
    Original price $1,230.00
    $923.00 - $1,713.00
    $923.00 - $1,713.00
    Current price $923
    Save $307

    This Creative Glass Chandelier for Living Room is a stunning addition to any home decor. The intricate glass design adds a touch of elegance and ch...

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  • MIRODEMI® Bordighera | Nordic Gold Ceiling Copper Light with Flower Design

    Original price $725.00 - Original price $1,352.00
    Original price $725.00
    $544.00 - $1,014.00
    $544.00 - $1,014.00
    Current price $544
    Save $181

    This nordic gold ceiling copper light with flower design is a captivating lighting fixture that brings a touch of nature-inspired charm to any room...

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  • MIRODEMI® Auvare | Gold Art Deco Diamond Pendant Lamp

    Original price $337.00 - Original price $1,002.00
    Original price $337.00
    $253.00 - $752.00
    $253.00 - $752.00
    Current price $253
    Save $84

    This pendant light can create different lighting effects thanks to its unusual form of diamond. Hang it high for a dramatic statement or lower it f...

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  • MIRODEMI® Cipières | LED Glass Pendant Light in a Nordic Style

    Original price $374.00 - Original price $374.00
    Original price $374.00
    Current price $281
    $281.00 - $281.00
    Current price $281
    Save $93

    This stunning LED glass pendant light embodies the essence of Nordic design with its minimalist lines and elegant simplicity. Crafted from high-qua...

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  • MIRODEMI® Appenzell | Colored Glass Pendant Lamp for Restaurant

    Original price $953.00 - Original price $1,438.00
    Original price $953.00
    $715.00 - $1,079.00
    $715.00 - $1,079.00
    Current price $715
    Save $238

    This colored glass pendant lamp is a stunning and stylish lighting solution that is perfect for restaurants. The lamp is made of high-quality glass...

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  • MIRODEMI® Chexbres | Pendant Light in the Shape of Glass Balls

    Original price $402.00 - Original price $402.00
    Original price $402.00
    Current price $302
    $302.00 - $302.00
    Current price $302
    Save $100

    This pendant light in the shape of glass balls is a captivating and elegant lighting fixture that effortlessly elevates the ambiance of any space. ...

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  • MIRODEMI® Flüelen | Colourful Rainbow Glass Ball Chandelier

    Original price $517.00 - Original price $2,426.00
    Original price $517.00
    $388.00 - $2,001.00
    $388.00 - $2,001.00
    Current price $388
    Save $129

    This colourful rainbow glass ball chandelier is a stunning and unique lighting fixture that will add a touch of whimsy and elegance to any room. Th...

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Pendant Lights and Pendant Lighting. Luxury Pendant Lighting for Sale 

Suspended lamps are called lighting devices in which the source emitting light is located at a distance from the ceiling, namely suspended on a wire or chain. Such lamps look great with standard or high ceilings. But even if the ceilings are low, many pendant lightning have the ability to adjust the length of the wire, that is, installation is still possible.




Advantages of Pendant Lamps:


  • versatility of use — a variety of varieties of pendant lights fixtures offered by manufacturers allows you to choose lighting devices of this type for any object, be it a residential building, an educational institution, a bar, etc.;
  • a variety of models by design and color scheme — both classic and creative pendant lights of different shapes and sizes are available on the market;
  • easy installation — most of the proposed models can be installed independently;
  • wide price range.

Purpose of Hanging Lamps: 

  •  Main lighting
  •  Local lighting
  •  Decorative lighting
  • Light source
  • LED pendant lights


Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption worries buyers along with attractive appearance, quality due to utility tariffs, environmental conditions. LED pendant lamp and fluorescent lamps are considered the most economical.


The warm color of the luminous flux relaxes, so it is more suitable for the evening. Cold — tones, like blue pendant light, invigorates, gives energy. It is important to take into account the warmth of the luminous flux when buying children's chandeliers, lamps in the bedroom. 

Design of pendant lamps

1.  White and black pendant lamps of a simple geometric shape (ball or cone) will fit into this style. Preference is given to a matte or metallized ceiling.

2. High-tech. It doesn't matter what you choose — teardrop-shaped devices made of glossy glass, shiny metal cylinders or a round hanging ball lamp. The main thing is that the model has an emphatically futuristic design and is made of modern materials and it is just modern hanging lamp

3. Classic. A crystal multi-tiered chandelier for interiors that accurately reproduce the style of the past centuries, or several small faceted glass ceiling lamps for neoclassical.

4. Modern. Traditionally, suspended type lamps are chosen for the organization of overhead lighting of the object. And if not so long ago, preference was certainly given to a chandelier, today more and more often the consumer prefers groups of single lamps, especially if the interior of the room is designed in a modern style.

5.  Interiors in the Baroque, classical, rococo style — with wooden furniture and spectacular stucco — can not do without beautiful chandeliers, sparkling with bronze and a lot of multifaceted crystal pendants.



Dining Room and Kitchen Island


Pendant lighting for kitchen island. Kitchen is the best place to put island pendants, the kitchen pendant lighting can be effectively placed over a large dining table. The same technique can be used in the arrangement of canteens, cafes, bars — places where people eat and it is important to present it in a favorable light both literally and figuratively. Bar pendant light could be as useful as kitchen pendants.


If you need pendant lights over island, prefer models made of practical material, because this is a special room, food is cooked in it, dishes are washed. Splashes of fat, juice, etc. can get on the lampshades. It is important that the material from which they are made is well washed without losing its presentability. Let it be glass or metal: the lampshades of them are easy to clean, there are almost no restrictions in the use of cleaning agents, with the exception of compositions with abrasive particles.



As a rule, bedroom pendant lights in such rooms are located in the center or above each bedside table. Don’t forget, that there are lots of hanging lamps for bedroom.

Hanging lamps are distinguished by extravagance and originality. Their main distinguishing feature is the presence of a long cord or chain on which the ceiling is attached. If desired, the length of the cord can be adjusted depending on your own taste.


Living Room

The living room — an actual solution provides for multi-tiered lighting, overhead light is provided by hanging lamps of a scattering type. The designer will select a group of suspensions, combined with the created interior in shape, style and color, and will provide the desired light intensity.


If you dream of drawing everyone's attention to a particular lamp, using a non-standard shape is the easiest way. It can be an enlarged copy of a certain object – or even cause associations with a little-known object. In our store you can find the most unusual shapes. Don’t forget that the most important thing is that this lamp fits perfectly into the interior of the room where you want to place it.


Bar and Restaurant

The bar counter has become a fashionable attribute of the kitchen interior. Usually, separate lighting is provided for it. You can also use pendant lights for this. It looks spectacular when they are made in the form of hemispheres or cones. Such lampshades direct light directly to the counter, and the rest of the kitchen areas are not illuminated by this group of lamps. It is better to buy not too bright lamps for this and reduce the area covered by the light stream by lowering them lower.



·   When choosing a pendant lamp, you must consider the features of the room itself. Ceilings must be high enough. Otherwise, the device will interfere with you while moving. Very often, these models are placed above dining tables, which allows you to create the appropriate atmosphere.

· The shape for a pendant lamp can be very diverse: from standard geometric types such as a ball, square, hemisphere and cone, to the most unexpected and diverse shapes, including those with through holes.

·  Depending on the appearance of the pendant lamp and the materials used, the light can come from it in different ways. For example, if we have a pendant lamp with a metal shade in the form of a cone, then the light will turn out to be a point, directed straight down. If it is desirable not to make the room dark and the light should be distributed throughout the room, then it is better to choose pendant lamps with transparent shades, or spherical ones.

·   Most often, pendant lights are used specifically to illuminate a certain area, as if it were a work or dining table. For other rooms and purposes, chandeliers or ceiling lights are chosen as fixtures, from which the light is distributed evenly. There are also exceptions. So, for bedrooms, pendant lamps in the form of a ball with a light paper shade, or pendant lamps with ledges that imitate antique lanterns or candlesticks can be used. They are often used in country style interiors.

 Compared to chandeliers, pendant lights offer more room for creativity and design, and help make interiors more diverse, mobile, and more modern. The variety of the model range from Mirodemi allows you to choose the best options for any design and style. The original lighting design based on suspended lighting devices transforms the most ordinary rooms into an exclusive living space.